Tampa Chiropractic Service Can Relieve Pain And Discomfort With A Non-Invasive Treatment

Pain can be debilitating. Taking pain medications can make someone feel as though they’re not in control. There are many alternative treatments available that don’t involve invasive procedures to alleviate pain in the lower or upper back and neck region. There is also treatment to relieve numbness and tingling in the extremities that are usually a sign of nerve irritation. Automobile accidents are a common cause of spinal cord and neck injuries. After this type of accident occurs, an emergency room will usually prescribe muscle relaxers and pain medication. These pharmaceuticals only offer some relief but will not correct the problem that’s causing the pain.

Misalignment of the spine or neck can cause serious nerve irritation. After a thorough examination of a patient, a chiropractor can align all of the vertebras in the neck and spine area to give the pain relief a patient needs. A chiropractor may order appropriate tests like X-rays or an MRI to document the injuries a patient is suffering from. Decompression of the spine is usually a great place to start for pain relief. This type of treatment removes the pressure from the discs in the back or neck. It will help to rehydrate the discs and improve the shock absorption they were designed to give.

A herniated disc in the spinal cord or neck area can press against a nerve and cause a pins and needles sensation in the extremities. This can be corrected with spinal decompression. When an injury to the spine isn’t corrected, the muscles will become accustomed to a certain position. This can cause pain and fatigue in a patient. Proper posture can alleviate pain and will keep the spine in proper alignment. Drinking a lot of water will keep muscles healthy and flexible. Alignment of the spine is the best cure for patients that suffer from chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, fatigue, and aching muscles.

A tampa chiropractic service offers many options that don’t include surgery. One final option for chronic lower back pain or pain and numbness is the legs are epidural steroid injections. These are usually performed in an outpatient setting. They can last for six months or longer to reduce the pain and inflammation in the back and lower extremities.